The Groovaloos, not just another award winning dance troupe. Performances weave dynamic elements of hip hop and street dance culture into a refreshing mix of storytelling, powerful movement, synchronicity and captivating individual freestyle. Routines are infectious, exploding with personality and heart while defying gravity and bone structure at the same time. For over a decade now their style remains the standard and has influenced urban dance in film and television for generations to come. Much more than a flavor of the month, The Groovaloos are the taste of a Century.

Based in Los Angeles and founded by artistic director Bradley "Shooz" Rapier, The Groovaloos blasted on to the L.A. scene with a ground breaking finale performance at National Dance Day, and a 1st place finish at The American Street Dance Championships in their first year. Group highlights include; Spotlight performance on Dancing With the Stars, multiple special guest performances on So You Think You Can Dance and The Wayne Brady Show, featured appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, ambassadors of dance for Comcast’s On Demand Network Get Up and Dance, and U.S. representatives and Grand Champions on NBC’s SuperStars of Dance.

Other notable performances include the USA Olympic Swim Team Golden Goggle Awards, The Giffoni Film Festival, BattleCry, and MVPA Awards, countless live exhibitions, galas and corporate events nationwide, and interacting and mentoring youth of all ages at school assemblies, workshops and rallies. Testament to this rich heritage and vibrant approach, their critically acclaimed Off Broadway and touring theater production GROOVALOO, based on true stories of the group, is being hailed as the “Hip Hop Chorus Line” of our time and “The Cirque Du Soleil of the Street”.

”The Groovaloos! They should be playing Carnegie Hall, I’ll tell you that much!”

Wayne Brady – Emmy Award Winner

The Groovaloos consist of some of the most sought after dancers in the industry. Individual

resumes note artists from Madonna, Pink, Lady Gaga and Beyonce to Justin Bieber, Usher, Chris Brown and The Black Eyed Peas. Commercial credits range from iPod and T-Mobile to McDonalds and Doritos. TV and film ranges from Step Up 3D and LXD to America's Best Dance Crew with members of The Groovaloos spearheading such crews as The JabbaWockeez, SuperCr3w, Beat Freaks, Killafornia, Skill Methodz and Team iLuminate.

The group’s flagship theatrical stage show GROOVALOO has played to rave reviews and sell out crowds from numerous extended engagements in Los Angeles beginning in 2003 to their stellar 2009 Off Broadway debut. After more than fifty performances in New York, national touring in 2010/11 has reached over twenty-five cities to date. The dynamic production has been seen by celebrities including: Madonna, Gerard Butler, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Zachary Levi, Laurence Fishburne, Jaden & Jada Pinkett Smith, Kirsten Dunst, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jason Alexander, and Jaime Pressly. They all came to experience GROOVALOO, true life stories woven together in an exhilarating mix of dance, vibrant musical score and powerful spoken word poetry, chronicling the struggles, hopes and triumphs of the richly diverse group.

"Wait ‘til you see them… UNBELIEVABLE!" - Ellen DeGeneres

In 2009, The Groovaloos were chosen by producers Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller to

represent the United States in the Olympic-scale international competition series Superstars of Dance. The premiere of Superstars was one of the highest rated shows for NBC outside of a sporting event and was described as one the greatest spectacles of dance performance ever seen on television. The Groovaloos consistently won over judges and viewers alike with their theatrical take on street, funk and hip hop dance. The group brought the championship trophy home in front of millions of viewers. It was an incredible moment and a great honor for The Groovaloos.

“The Groovaloos… just a sensational mix. It's intoxicating!"

Michael Flatley - Host of Superstars of Dance

The Groovaloos extensive commercial success is matched by the integrity and respect they have for the art form they represent. They have become a central hub for the dance community at large. Weekly Groove Nite open jam sessions are legendary as an international meeting place for dancers of all kinds to jam with The Groovaloos and work on their craft in a spirit of unity.

"The Groovaloos are everything that our country is about.”

Marguerite Derricks, Renowned Choreographer

The Groovaloos goal is to share the endless creativity, joy and power of the urban dance

movement with the world. The inspiration within this dance form is precisely what lifted up the group members from their various humble beginnings to where they are today. Whether performing for millions on television, thousands on stage, or working with a small group of kids at a school, that same spirit and energy that brought them together leads the way. In a world of hype and trendy slogans, The Groovaloos consistently stand out as refreshingly authentic, connecting the globe to the beauty and strength of the street dance culture.